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[ALPHA 2] CMX Quiz 3.0.1

Posted: Sat May 28, 2022 1:15 pm
by battye
CURRENT VERSION: 3.0.1 (download link at viewtopic.php?p=112701#p112701)

CMX Quiz (formerly known as Ultimate Quiz MOD) is a quiz and trivia game for your forum. Users can submit and play quizzes, and pre-determined quiz moderators can set up quizzes with rewards.

The download link is attached to this post. Note that it is still an Alpha release and there might be bugs that I haven't noticed yet! If you find any bugs or have a feature request please let me know.

To install: unzip the attachment, and upload battye/cmxquiz to the ext/ folder of your phpBB 3.3 forum. Then enable the extension from the ACP under the Customise tab.

Here are some of the main features of CMX Quiz:
  • Questions and answers
    • Multiple choice
    • Input an answer
    • True and false
    • More than one correct answer is allowed
  • Supports BBCode
  • Optional time limits
    • The clock counts down in real time so people know how long is remaining
  • One page per question so people can't skip ahead
    • A quiz can be used as an educational pass or fail test
  • A quiz moderator can choose whether a user is moved to a specific user group after successfully passing a quiz
  • Tags (categories)
  • Options configurable from ACP.
    • Choose quiz moderators who can edit quizzes and view results
    • Define minimum posts to play quizzes
    • Minimum and maximum number per quiz settings
    • ... and more!
Some bugs I am currently aware of:
  • It seems creating a quiz with a single question causes the quiz to not load
  • For example, say you are on Question 2 - if you click previous to go to Question 1, and then click next again without changing your answer on Question 1, it seems to be saving your Question 2 answer against Question 1. I think this behaviour only happens when the questions are the same question type.

CMX Quiz 3.0.1

Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2022 1:43 pm
by battye
v3.0.1 release with the following issues fixed:
  • Better validation for quiz submission errors
  • More translation strings sent to the AngularJS part of the app
  • Make font sizes a bit bigger
  • Remove question button added
  • Fixed timestamp bug on the results page when no questions are answered
  • Fixed a bug where playing a quiz multiple times was possible even if disabled in the ACP
  • Fixed a bug stopping foreign characters being saved in tag names
  • Fixed a bug where single-question quizzes weren't loading