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Not sure what the future holds for CricketMX but having been around for so long I would be willing to assist the effort to ensure that it stays around for as long as possible.

That all being said. I think the anti-spam efforts aren't being every effective, definitely needs to be something like Google's CAPTCHA. Not sure what version of phpBB you're running but if 2007 is correct it is definitely overdue to update as there's some new features to help control spam, especially new users (moderation queue).

Finally, the other elephant in the room. Not sure what webhost or webserver this is running on but if this happens to be a standalone webserver with apache, cerbot is by far the easiest way to get SSL on the website and is by far the best thing for the website. If you take a look at Let's Encrypt it allows you to get a free, yes free, SSL certificate which is valid for 90 days. Certbot is a program that automatically creates the CSR and does all the things, including adding to apache's configuration for SSL and even adds a cron job to automatically renew the certificate every 90 days.
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