CricketMX turns 9

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I watched the clock tick over to 4:26pm today and memories of the last 9 years came flooding back. I remembered the discussions I had with jmstacey in early 2004, perhaps even as early as late 2003, in preparation of setting up the CricketMX forums. I thought about the chatroom on WinMX which quicksilver and me here ran which brought so many users to the forum. Names of all of the valued contributors which have passed through here sprang to mind.

The CricketMX network has given me so much pleasure and enjoyment over the last 9 years, I hope that it has given the same to the members too - and hopefully for years to come as well :) :D :mrgreen:

Happy 9th anniversary!

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Wow!!!! Happy 9th anniversay to CMX! :D
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