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I downloaded DC++ - http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net a few months ago because it was suggested. Since getting rid of WinMx I have been using this a lot. It is a little more tricky than Winmx and isn't like ONE big network. It is basically thousands of hubs with various topics, downloading and uploading with users in the hubs you are. I like it better much more than IRC.

I would suggest checking it out. Maybe if enough people like it, we can make a hub. If you have questions, check out the FAQ page. http://www.dslreports.com/faq/dc
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DC++ 0.761
Release date: March 14, 2010

Better highlight color for content changes in tabs
Don't re-organize tab rows when the selected tab changes

-- 0.761 2010-03-14 --
Fix crashes with themed menus
Fix showing settings from the tray menu
Prevent a crash when the app is closed while a modal dialog is up

-- 0.760 2010-03-11 --
Fix main icon format
Help updates
Handle file lists better in finished windows
[dwt] Implement Richedit text control
Update the file list window title bar when the user online status changes
Re-open previous windows - no auto-connect/auto-open setting anymore
Fix own file list not deleted on closure
Fix menu title size
Display ISTA
"Recent windows" button in the toolbar
Upgraded to OpenSSL 0.9.8m-beta1
Fix sorting issues in finished windows
Fix crash when decompression initialization fails
Restore check-boxes in the "Context" user command group
CTM protection by domain name instead of ip
Fix share crash
Fix crash in waiting users
Use standard user menus in PMs, waiting users, file lists
Solve file list refresh & hashing sync issues
Stop hashing on shutdown
Fix ignored downloads from search
Compilation fix for Mac OS X
Save user nicks
Don't share the temporary download directory
More native menu colors
Apply the font to check-boxes and tabs
Implement bandwidth throttling
New icons
Fix dialog focus issues
Fix a crash in queue frame
Move finished downloads functionality into queue frame
Hashing can be paused
No 35-characters limit to nick and description
[ADC] Support the TS param of MSG
Convert language codes to real names in settings
Improve user command support in ADC hubs
Improve context-sensitive help (poy)
Fix Ctrl+Shift+Tab (poy)
Readded WTL exception to the license (for mod developers)
Update to boost 1.40
Fixed download directory path on non-win32
Favorite hub groups
Fix issues related to users online in multiple hubs
[ADC] Handle self-QUI when sent before INF
Don't overwrite downloaded files in some cases
Fix splitter positioning
[ADC] Don't send commands that the hub has forbidden via STA
Fix bad bloom error message causing disconnects
Fix coloring of drop-down controls
Show last main chat lines, add a "History" settings category
Fix share files instantly after downloaded
Toolbar customization (shift+drag, double-click, right-click)
Fix sharing hidden directories
Auto-resize the message editing box when composing a multiline message
Remove flicker when opening a window
Re-try UPnP mappings after closing settings
Handle adcs:// links
Fix memory usage when parsing (unreasonably) large file lists
Fix a few more cases when adding sources to the queue
[ADC] Filter some status messages
Drop support for non-xml hub lists
Fix memory leak during share update
Improve hub list status messages
[ADC] Allow hubs to send IPs of passive users via INF
Fix crash when hashing files on non-Windows systems
Update list-view filters more often
Show multiple user-command params in the same dialog
Fix pressing Tab in the notepad
Register in HKCU instead of HKLM to avoid UAC warnings; ditch magnet.exe
Don't use the Vista download dir when running in local mode
When a static window is opened, check its menu & toolbar buttons
Fix crash with debug builds on non-Windows systems
Fix a possible crash in rechecker
Don't move files <= 10 MB to weird places
Remove ADC 0.10 compatibility (not ADCS 0.10)
Change the tray icon on private messages
Revise keyboard shortcuts
Error message when loading the notepad file fails
Remove obsolete default hublists
Chat actions should work better when the user list is hidden
Icons and tooltips in status bars
Update the installer to cope with new settings directories
Guard against out-of-screen window placement
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DC++ 0.770
Release date: July 5, 2010

-- 0.770 2010-07-05 --
Catch more potential file corruptions
Fix socket resolve in *nix systems
[ADC] NAT traversal to allow passive-passive connections
Reduce donwload reconnect attempts after connection failures
Fix crashes related to file lists
Add MiniUPnPc for UPnP mappings and make it threaded
Be stricter when parsing list-looking %[line:] params
[ADC] Customizable search type extensions
Update zlib to version 1.2.5
Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone

-- 0.762 2010-05-16 --
Stability improvement related to menus
Shell menus for directories when browsing own file list
Parse separators in titles of user command param boxes
Fix painting issues with /clear
Smooth text-box menus
Add user commands to the chat menu
OpenSSL 0.9.8n - defends against a remote crash
Fix broken share regression on non-Windows systems
Fix 'Share hidden files' checkbox value saved to a wrong setting
Fix encoding problems
Respect the font style in chat windows
Add %[fileMN] to user command params
Magnet links are now produced with a size
Extend %[line:] to create combo boxes
Compilation fixes for OpenSolaris
Help updates
Fix a possible file corruption
Fix unnecessary move of downloaded filelists
Fix sharing a whole drive (root folder) was impossible in random cases
Don't clear multiline boxes with Ctrl+Alt+A
Correct ADC hub counts
Add an "Elapsed" column in finished transfer windows
Network settings arrangements
Fix positioning and possible queue problems with downloaded file lists
Refresh open file lists when they are being opened again
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DC++ 0.781
Release date: January 12, 2011
DC++ 0.780
Release date: January 11, 2011

Download links
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DC++ 0.782
Release Date: March 5, 2011

Download links
DC++ 0.782.exe
DC++ 0.782.zip
DC++ 0.782-src.zip
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