Sen. John McCain likes!

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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this :)
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“Bored” McCain to Create Personal MySpace Page

Saying he is “bored beyond tears” after losing the presidential election, Senator John McCain
today announced that he will be creating a personal MySpace page sometime this week. The
announcement came during McCain’s weekly conference call with reporters on Tuesday.


Links to other websites that McCain enjoys, such as,,, and will also be on his page
. Visitors will be
encouraged to email the Senator directly, with McCain promising to return all messages
personally. “I really think this email thing is going to catch on”, said McCain, “and I want to be
on the leading edge of it”.
Yes, I acknowledge that it is from a satirical newspaper website. But I live by the saying "where there's smoke...", so I think this is all but confirmation that former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain is a fan of
Image attached for proof and posterity
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You've done it again McCain!! :wink:

That is so good Battye 8)
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wow! i think i'd almost faint as well.. wtg!
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