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I think this is a funny story and I had to share it :lol:

Over the last week the forum has gone offline a couple of times. You might have noticed an "account suspended" message - my understanding is that due to anti-spam measures, accounts get suspended when a suspiciously large number of spam-like emails get sent out. Obviously, we here at CMX are not in the business of sending spam :wink: The initial view was that the account was compromised and someone was using this account to send out spam. Fortunately it turned out this wasn't the case. After some investigation by HostForWeb (our webhost) it turned out that the cause of the spam was Red's old email address, dating back to around 2005 when forum members were given personalised "" email addresses :)

A possible explanation is that the account is set up on an old Outlook somewhere, and a run of the mill malware has starting sending spam emails from that account! So if you see this Red, run AVG or something... you brought the forum to its knees twice in a week! :lol: :) in 2022: Still the home of bat's, rat's and other farmyard animals!

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