Merry Christmas and here's to 2011!

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I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas :)

I'm sure a lot of the people reading this found something in their letterbox from CMX earlier this month - I sent out Christmas cards to every CMX member whose address I knew (about two dozen in total); so if you have ever received anything (like a pen) from me before you will have had something sent to you this year as well.

I am concerned that there were some regular posters that might not have got theirs in the mail, I can only apologise if you didn't receive anything (rest assured everyone had one sent to them!) - if you have changed address in the last year or so then whoever lives in your old home at least got a nice card from me :lol:

Like last year, here is a rundown of the most popular articles on the site of 2010 (in green are the articles which are new to the list, with the number of views this year):
Thanks again to all of the moderators and posters for their continued support of the forum, it is a pleasure to run CMX - I have enjoyed every moment of it and I look forward to 2011 and beyond :) in 2022: Still the home of bat's, rat's and other farmyard animals!

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Well, I certainly got mine. Thanks batster. Thanks for keeping this place going all this time, it certainly gives me somewhere to empty the odd thoughts from my head on a regular basis. :)

Happy Christmas. I'm sure that 2011 will be another good year for CMX.
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Thanks for everything you do Battye and thanks to the "Cricket Team" for being very special people :wink:
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