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Ultimate Quiz MOD v1.2.x/v1.3.x FAQ

Postby battye » Wed Nov 14, 2007 3:35 pm

Does it work with phpBB v2.0.22?

I get the error "Query 17 did not execute correctly". Help.
This is very easy to fix. It is just a small bug in admin_quiz.php. Replace the current admin_quiz.php file with the file found at viewtopic.php?p=57367#57367 and you will not get error.

How to get this working with the POINTS MOD?
Read this topic: viewtopic.php?t=4205

Information about Quiz Packs and .qp files

Time Limits and Playing Quizzes Once

If you have time limits enabled, and also want users to play quizzes once only, then there is a small fix you can apply so that when the users exceed their time limit, they cannot have a second bite at the cherry - it records them as already having played it in the database.

Dynamic timer in the quiz

All the code changes required to add a live updating countdown clock.

Banning people from quizzes doesn't work!

Follow the code instructions in this post and the problem should be solved.

Deleting statistics for certain users

Running the script and following the instructions listed in the post will allow you to delete all quiz statistics for a certain user.

Quiz moderators

Always ensure that when you enter quiz moderators, you enter their user id number, and not their username. To find a user id number, view a post of the users, and hover over their Image button. In the browser, you will see the link such as profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1528 - whatever the number is, in this case it is 1528, is the user id number for that user. This is what you enter into the ACP, separating each one with a comma (,).

Updating to v1.3.x from v1.0.6

Information on how to upgrade from old UQM versions (1.0.6 and earlier, circa 2004) to the latest and greatest 1.3.x series.

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