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Battye you just get famouser and famouser!
Hopefully your friends will post in Introductory Forum! :)

I voted for CMX at:
I used ctrl f - cricketmx, then the up arrow to vote :)
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Glad you liked it :)

We ultimately got to #8 in the world for best April Fools joke on http://aprilfoolsdayontheweb.com which I was pretty happy about. For a while we were above heavyweights like guardian.co.uk and the Starbucks website.
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I liked one of Google's April Fools Jokes... in Google Maps they have "Australian-ised" the directions.

For instance:
Driving directions to Broome WA from Karratha WA
832 km – about 10 hours 17 mins

Karratha WA

1. You need to go east on Welcome Rd toward Klenk St mate
0.4 km
2. Hang a right when you get to Searipple Rd
0.2 km
3. Hang a right when you get to Millstream Rd
0.3 km
4. Ya want to take the 1st left onta Karratha Dampier Rd
6.5 km
5. Chuck a left when you get to North West Coastal Hwy
191 km
6. Keep goin' onto Great Northern Hwy
28.2 km
7. Hang a right to keep goin' on Great Northern Hwy
0.5 km
8. Turn a smidge left to keep goin' on Great Northern Hwy
3.6 km
9. Hang a right to keep goin' on Great Northern Hwy
567 km
10. Chuck a left when you get to Broome Rd
33.8 km
11. Go straight onto Napier Tce
34 m

Broome WA
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