CricketMX v1.05 Tutorial

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CricketMX v1.05 Tutorial

Postby battye » Fri Jan 16, 2004 11:44 am

Ok, here's how to use CricketMX v1.05 from the very beginning, right from downloading the zip. This tutorial may work for previous versions, but was written specifically for v1.05...

Where Do I CricketMX v1.05?

You can get CricketMX right here from our forums! Look up the top of the page where it says FAQ, Search, Memberlist etc. Well click 'Downloads' and then click 'CricketMX v1.05'

I've Downloaded The File, But I Double Click It And Nothing Happens?

Well, most likely if you double click it and an 'Open With' screen appears, you haven't got WinZip or a similar zip opening program. Download WinZip here:

I've Opened CricketMX, But Where Do I Start?

What do you want to do? Do you just want to make a simple htm file with just text, no pictures? Or would you like to add both? Firstly, to just add text, click "The Original & The Best" and open "CricketMX Original & The Best". Select the text editor of your choice, then you will see:

Code: Select all
<averages go here>

The averages bit was just for fun, if you know what Cricket is, you'll get it :wink:

Anyway, highlight all of the text, including the < > and type in what you want to be shown in the htm document. It can be as short as "Hello World", or as long as... well you know what I mean. Then click File, Save As, then type in the name you want to save the document as, followed by .htm. For example filename.htm. Then go to the folder where you saved it to, and preview it by double clicking it.

If you wish to add pictures into your document, do the following. Open the "Picture Add-In" folder, and open "CricketMX v1.05 Picture Editing", select the text editor of your choice (preferably notepad) and you will see this:

Code: Select all
<Averages go here>


<meta name="GENERATOR" content="CricketMX v1.05">
<meta name="CricketMX v1.04 Now Easier To Edit Gif">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
<title>New Page 1</title>


<p><img border="border width" src="file location" width="pixels horizontally" height="pixels vertically"></p>



In the <Averages go here> code, type in the text that you want to be shown on you htm file, now in the last half of the page, you see all the picture information. For example, in the "border width" area type how big you want the border to be, with 1 being the smallest, so you'd type in "1". Now you're into the file location section. Minimize the text editor you're using, and go back to the CricketMX Picture Add-In folder. Now double click "File Finder - Gif" and click search, this will now list all the Gif files on your Hard-Drive. If you're publishing this on the net you will have a small problem, but that will be mentioned later. Once you find a file you'd like to add to your document, note its location on your computer, like "C:\WINDOWS\Folder\smallpic.gif". Go back to CricketMX, and in the "file location" area, enter that exact location. Now you are up to the size part. In "pixels horizontally" enter the size you would like it to be, and the same for "pixels vertically".

How Wide Should I Make My Picture?

It's up to you really, as a comparison, my avatar is 80 x 80 pixels.

How Do I Preview The *.htm File I Created?

I mentioned it above, but incase you missed it; go to the folder you saved your file to, and double click it, it should open with Internet Explorer, or another Internet browser automatically.

I Published My Site On The Net, But The Picture Didn't Show?

That's because it's looking for the folder you typed into CricketMX:

Earlier I wrote:Once you find a file you'd like to add to your document, note its location on your computer, like "C:\WINDOWS\Folder\smallpic.gif". Go back to CricketMX, and in the "file location" area, enter that exact location.

One way to overcome this is too add that whole directory into your website. This isn't a good a idea as that folder may have personal details or other stuff you might not want the world to see. So, find that picture you wanted, and upload it to your website, a lot easier. Now get the URL of that picture, for example: So instead of putting that WINDOWS location in, put in that URL, couldn't be easier :lol:

Something's Gone Wrong!

We're sorry to hear that, if your question hasn't already been answered, post it in Official Support and our expert users will try and help you out :) home of bat's, rat's and other farmyard animals...
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