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Music Analyst - for statistics from an iTunes library

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:14 am
by battye
Music Analyst

Version: 0.1.1 (RC 1)

Overview: This is an application which will analyse the statistics generated by an iTunes music library and convert them into a form suitable for users.

Feature List:

  • Autofind iTunes library file or an xml file can be manually selected
  • General statistics such as total tracks, total plays, average plays per track
  • Comprehensive music statistics such as top played songs, top frequently played songs (by average plays per day), top played artists, top played albums, track length information (time spent listening to music, etc)
  • Filter number of search results
  • Granular information, such as the ability to view individual song, artist or album statistics
  • Export statistics to text files or HTML files
  • The ability to edit a play count for a song

Tested on: Windows XP, Windows 7

Download Link:
Music Analyst v0.1.1 - free to use
(197.87 KiB) Downloaded 259 times

Note: This is still software in development and there may still be defects that have been undetected so far. If you don't wish to use development-level software please wait until a 1.0 release.

Please post any comments, suggestions or feature requests here :)