overclocking my rig

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overclocking my rig

Postby Layzie Bone » Tue Sep 16, 2008 1:37 am

ok, majorgeeks hasn't helped, neither has MSI forums...

here's what I got

MSI P7N Diamond (nVidia 780i NB Chipset)
Intel QX9650 Core2Extreme 3.0GHz
2x 2 GB mushkin DDR2 1066
MSI NX8600GT 1G EZ Video Card

Currently have it running at 3.34 GHz

Initally I had the problem of getting this machine to run a stock speeds. This problem was fixed when I lowered the FSB speed to 1184 MHz, stock speed is 1333 MHz. Likewise this will lower your CPU clock without adjusting the multiplier. I don't know if the stability problem is with the board or an issue with the CPU & Board. A lot of people with the same combo MB and CPU have had problems getting the machine to run stable at stock speeds.

The thing I noticed is that performance of the CPU when doing benchmarks is a little upsetting, considering that 3.3 GHz is performing less than stock speeds. What measures could I take to improve this situation? Do I just have a motherboard that just isn't going to work out? I've ran the CPU as high as 3.67 GHz, but still performance is about the same...
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