[ Poll ] Which search engine do you use?

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Which search engine do you use?

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Re: [ Poll ] Which search engine do you use?

Postby battye » Sun Jan 11, 2009 7:31 am

I haven't used Chrome yet, I like Safari. But analysts think that over the next year or so Google Chrome's market share will increase at a rapid rate.

It's just a shame that some programs like Sopcast and SpVod only work in Internet Explorer, I would certainly love to watch video streams on my Mac without reverting back to a slow Windows set up :(
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Re: [ Poll ] Which search engine do you use?

Postby quahappy » Sun Jan 11, 2009 2:25 pm

Although I asked the question, I've not actually taken the plunge to try it out. I'm more than happy with FF3 and all the add-ons installed. Runs smoothly - just the way I like it. It's a time issue with me (another way of saying -"I can't be arsed to look cos I ain't got time" lol).

Just wanted to know if anyone else has taken the plunge especially as early releases took a bit of a battering from critics (but the release WAS beta for gawds sake!). Interesting to read about analysts predictions too, Firefox took a looong while to take up the portion of the market as it does now. I strongly believe it's always a case of what people get used too. Alternatives scare people. Word of mouth is the biggest puller. Still, I'll certainly be following it's progress.... ;)
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