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Postby moongirl » Sun Sep 30, 2007 6:16 am

Physics and gaming fun :D

You can even download and play with the source code!!
METAL OXIDE SOFTWARE has released the complete source code for all the three versions of PAKOON games!

You can now download the complete source code and development package for all the three versions of PAKOON games. The source codes are for Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 C++.

The source code is provided under the GNU General Public License.

Please note that the source code is provided as it is, without any support or warranty of any kind. If you want to let me know of further development of the game(s), send me an email at


1. Download the source code package(s)
2. Unzip it
3. Open the .dsw file in Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 C++
4. Rebuild all and start

NOTE1: Version 2.MANY requires DirectX 9 SDK to compile. Get the SDK from Microsoft.

NOTE2: Version 2.MANY package includes only the Chevrolet 57 car. The other cars are copyright protected and I am not allowed the distribute the original model files (for free).
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