iPod Getting Users Pumped!!

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iPod Getting Users Pumped!!

Postby moongirl » Tue Jul 24, 2007 10:32 am

PumpOne Works for You
PumpOne is your iPod personal trainer. Listen to your own music, change your playlist, go to the next exercise, get a drink of water, wait for equipment, start your reps, change the weight, catch your breath. This is a real workout. You can't do this with an MP3 audio trainer. But you can do it all with a PumpOne Trainer -without skipping a beat. Its fitness that fits your life.

Get Started
Don't worry! There are no sign-ups, no user names & passwords, no subscriptions, no 7 day trial that you forget to cancel. Go ahead & download the Free Workout & feel the difference. When you're ready to make a change, purchase a Trainer without having to commit to anything except being healthy.

Music is your Motivator
PumpOne is designed for you to listen to anything in your music library -proven to motivate you to keep your workout going. These Trainers work on your nano, iPod video, iPhone, any MP3 player with a color screen, your computer or laptop (Windows & Mac) and you can even print them out.

Sight vs. Sound
Most people learn better using visual stimulus than audio, that’s why we say "An Image is Worth a Thousand MP3's". With PumpOne, you can see what exercises to perform, in the correct order without the hassle of Stop, Rewind or Fast Forward. Its all laid out in front of you.
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