Does It Suck? Or Does It Rock?

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Does It Suck? Or Does It Rock?

Postby moongirl » Wed Mar 21, 2007 1:51 pm

Want to save time? Cut out all the talk? Just go to Sucks-Rocks for the answers!! :D

When you enter a search term, sucks/rocks searches the web for several positive and negative phrases using that term. The score is the fraction of positive results to the sum of positive and negative results, normalized to 10.

The negative phrases are: X sucks, X is lame, X is crap, I hate X.

The positive phrases are: X rocks, X is sweet, X is awesome, I love X.

Yahoo's Search API is currently used for results, since Google's SOAP Search API is deprecated and only allows 1,000 queries per day. Way to go, Google!

Create Applications Using Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Search Web Services allow you to access Yahoo content and services in your favorite programming languages. This means you can now build Yahoo directly into your own applications. Get more ideas for what you can build by playing with the applications and mashups featured in our Search Application Gallery.
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