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new balance 574

Postby Cornelia Mat(h)ilda » Mon Jul 20, 2020 7:06 am

The availability of M.J.Aldon and A.Lihgeois, "Computationalaspectsinrobotmeasured dynamic parameters provides new balance 574 improved accuracy inthe dynamicsmodelling," AdvancedSoftwareinRobotics ed. A.calculated forcesof motion and simplifies model generationby al- Danthine and M. Ghradis; Elsevier Science Publishers, North-lowing one to omitzerovalueparameters. As automatic modelgeneration becomes available and manufacturers become awareof Holland, 1984, pp. 3 - 14.the need for dynamic parameters, we expect to see increasing useof explicit models and measured parameters in the calculation of G. Cesareo, F. Nicolb and S. Nicosia.

Renaud,"Math- M. Renaud, " A n efficient iterative analytic procedure for obtain- ematicalandcomputer models of interconnectedmechanical systems,n(Sept., 1976, Warsaw) Theory and Practice of Robot8 ing a robot manipulator dynamic model," Robotics Research, and Manipulators; New York: Elsevier Scientific Publishing ed. M. Brady and R. Paul, MIT Press, Cambridge, 1984, pp. -CO., 1977, pp. 5 17. 749 new balance's 574 - 764. M. VukobratoviC and M KirCanski, "A dynamic approachto nom- inaltrajectorysynthesisforredundantmanipulators," IEEEM. Benati, S. Gaglio, P. Morasso, V.

Tagliasco and R. Zaccaria, Trans. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, vol. SMC-14, no 4, -"AnthropomorphicRobots," BiologicaCl ybernetics, vol. 38, pp. 580 - 586! July/August 1984. pp. new balance 990 125 140, March 1980. M.J. Aldon, A. Liegeois,B. Tondu and P. Touron,"MIRE: A software for computer-aided designof industria! robots,n Proc.J.M. Hollerbach, "A recursive lagrangian formulation of manip- -CAD,CAM,RoboticsandAutomationConference Tucsan, ulator dynamics and a comparative study of dynamics formu- lation complexity," IEEE Trana. on Systems, Man and Cyber- Arizona, February 1985, pp. 1 6. netica, vol. SMC-IO,no. 11, pp. 730 - 736, November 1980. J . Burdick, Private Communication.J.Y.S.Luh,M.W. Walker andR.P.C.Paul, "On-linecomputa- J.J.

These expressions are made in terms of constants which have units of vol. BME-30, no. new balance shoes 12, pp. 787 - 792, December 1983. inertia or torque,andtrigonometric terms that are functions of the joint angles. We haveabbreviatedthetrigonometricfunc-MITMathlabGroup, "MACSYMAReferenceManual, MIT, tions by writing 5 2 to mean sin(q2) and C5 to mean cos(q5). Cambridge, 1983. When a trigonometric operation is applied to the sum of severalR. P. Paul, M. Rongand Hong Zhang, "The dynamics of the angles we write (723 to mean cos(q2 q 3 ) and S223 to mean PUMAmanipulator," Proc. 1983 AmericanControlConfer- 515

The Coriolis terms have been left in g.5 = -g * m.5 * rZ6;the form of a three dimensional array, with a convention for theindices that matches that of the Cristoffel symbols. Element Table AS. Computed Values for the Constants Appearingmultiples q k and ql to give a contribution to the torque at joint i . in the Equations of Forces of Motion.The Coriolis matrix may also be written as a 6 x 15 array, where (Inertial constants have units of kilogram meters-squared)the 15 columnscorrespondtothe 15 possiblecombinations of 1.43 new balance mens f0.05 1.38 f0.05joint velocities.

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