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I Have An Idea

PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2004 2:15 pm
by me here
I was wondering if its ok with everyone if I offer a prize for the 2000th lyric posted to the forum and post a thread in the OT section about it... if any one has any reason why not to or ideas bout it let me know here... thanks...

PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2004 6:43 pm
by ADi@/\/TUM
Sounds like a good idea to me :)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 4:41 am
by moongirl
What a good idea Me. Go for it!! :wink:
Our lyrics section is looking so good, I would love to see it get to 2000+.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2004 11:18 am
by me here
Okay we are getting very close to the big 2000 mark...... YAY