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torrent download

Postby bristeena » Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:27 am

What is seeds and leechers in utorrent download client? When ever i download a film i see a seed 0 and leechers 0 so want to know what does this mean.I have internet speed upto 2 mbps.Yet in utorrent the speed rise upto only 30 or 40 kbps.Does it depend on seeds or leechers.Please help me out.
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Re: torrent download

Postby Rat » Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:40 am

First thing.... please note that uploading copyrighted files is, in more and more places, against the law.
Second thing.... please note that using bit torrent means that you are both downloading and uploading at the same time... or at least, you must be available as an upload source.
Seeds - these are either the original uploaders of the file you want to download or people who have finished downloading the whole file. In either case, they have a complete copy of the file(s) you want. The number of seeds is important because the number of seeds directly affects your download speed. Think of filling a water tank - if you connect up more hoses, the tank will fill faster because there are more sources of water. The same is true of seeds. Each seed is a computer that can spare you a few bits or bytes per second, the more there are, the faster you'll complete your file.
Leechers - these are people trying to download the file - like you. They do not have the complete file so, if you see only leechers and no seeds, there's a good chance your download will never finish.
The health of the torrent depends on a high number of seeds and leechers - if you're seeing 0 seeds and 0 leechers there is either something wrong with your internet (or bit torrent) settings or else the torrent itself is unhealthy or dead. If you're looking for things that you think should be very popular, such as new movies or tv shows, you can bet the problem is at your end. If you're looking for old or unusual stuff, the problem may well be that the files are just not out there.
I hope that helps.

Once again, make sure you're not breaking your local laws because it could cost you your internet access or even a heavy fine.
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