Got Vista? Need PG2? This Thread is for you!

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Got Vista? Need PG2? This Thread is for you!

Postby Layzie Bone » Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:19 pm

PeerBlock 1.0, it is the offical replacement of Peer Gaurdian 2.

They have a SIGNED driver by Microsoft, so now it works under Vista (all versions) and Windows 7. The folks at PG couldn't afford to get a signed driver and in the new OS it is required to use signed drivers. You can get around this by pressing F8 at boot up to disable the feature, or use other software. But with all those things I had tried I was never sucessful at getting PG2 to run under Windows 7 at all, even running Windows in test mode (not to be confused with Safe Mode). I could get PG2 to run one time in Vista 32-bit. Anyway, in PeerBlock they fixed a lot of bugs and the blocklists are being hosted on a more relaible server.

Why you should run PeerBlock (or some IP blocking utility)?

Do you really want to get that call from your ISP telling you they have a lawsuit on their hands, or better yet find out you no longer have internet? or worse.

You reduce your chances of having these "little" issues about 80%, if not more, you can't be 100% protected. Since I can't get anyone to jump on the Hamachi wagon with me this is all I can do for you. FBI and other agencies can aways be on a network that isn't blocked, like if they work from home. However I will say that most of the time your computer is making an outgoing connection, especially if you're behind a router which usually limits on incoming connection unless you enabled DMZ or forwarded ports.

If you're looking for safer ways to shares stuff, or rather get stuff, have a look at which is by isohunt, which I love dearly, just wish their servers were a little more reliable and didn't have "aggressive" ads.
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