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WinMX Community Patch

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:12 pm
by p2p-sharing-rules
Today Sept.23, 2008 12am GMT is the 3rd anniversary of when the tech savvy WinMX users figured out how to reconnect new users to the WinMX Peer Network & is the day when both WinMX world & Vladd44/MXpie patch groups released their patches to reconnect new users to WinMX.

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary both WinMX World & MXPie have teamed up to co-release a new WinMX Community Patch.

The new WinMX Community Patch features various improvements over previous patches released by both patch groups. A new improved fake filtering system, new improved blocking method that blocks on both the primary & secondary level, real time blocking counter. Universal plug and play (UPNP) compatibility to allow for automatic router setups for routers supporting the UPNP system. Reconnects to the WinMX Peer Network faster then previous patches. An ini file that ensures the users get to decide some of the more important aspects of how their patch operates, including for example the ability to manually change the cache hosts names in the event of a major assault on the network.

The patch was created by Eagle a trusted neutral person who is trusted by the WinMX community & by both patch groups that are releasing the patch.

You can download the new WinMX Community Patch at the below links.
WinMX World's version download page:
MXPie's version download page:

Thanks to Eagle for developing the new patch, Deux for creating the installers, everyone who has helped from WinMX World & vladd44/, & those that have helped with testing out the new patch.

Re: WinMX Community Patch

PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:46 pm
by p2p-sharing-rules
Former group members are now using the WinMX Community Patch.
Here's a link to their new website.
Download page

Announcement On The WinMX World Forum.