ZeroPaid Interviews an Operator of WinMXWorld

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ZeroPaid Interviews an Operator of WinMXWorld

Postby p2p-sharing-rules » Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:45 pm

Things have been interesting for the last year or two for WinMX users. It's been tricky following what has been happening with WinMX these days, so ZeroPaid caught up to Tigger of WinMX to, among other things, see what is happening in the world of WinMX.

Last week, ZeroPaid reported on an interesting development occurring in France where a study was done to see how successful various ISP-level filtering were at filtering out P2P traffic. The results were described as many things including, "not perfect"

The study focused on a wide variety of P2P protocols in use today. One of these protocols includes WinMX. For the most part, it appeared as though WinMX was quite successful at dodging the two most well known filters. So discuss this and many other things happening in WinMX today, we turned to Tigger of WinMXWorld for an interesting interview.
In the interview with Tigger she talks about the present & future of WinMX.
Can you people please vote or digg it too? Who knows maybe if enough people digg it it might get promoted to digg's homepage & maybe it might bring new users or old users back to the WinMX Network.
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