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Winny creator Kaneko makes new file-sharing software

PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 5:32 am
by p2p-sharing-rules
Isamu Kaneko, the developer of the controversial file-sharing software Winny, has created another type of file-sharing software to safely distribute films and other products over the Internet, lawyers defending him told the Kyoto District Court on Monday.

Kaneko is on trial facing charges of assisting copyright violations with the development of Winny. While Winny allows users to download data for free, a virus affecting the program is rampant among users and has resulted in numerous data leaks over the Internet.

Lawyers said the new software Kaneko developed, called "Ozutekku" in Japanese, places restrictions on the parties uploading the software and contains administration technology to delete problem files, as well as a billing system. This reportedly allows information leaks and copyright violations to be prevented.

Kaneko reportedly developed the new software in conjunction with a domestic IT-related business in order to sell movies, games and other new products over the Internet. Plans have reportedly been made to release the software as early as mid-May.

During the court hearing on Monday, the 21st in Kaneko's trial, lawyers showed part of the new software to prove that the reason he developed Winny was not to cause copyright violations to flourish. (Mainichi)

Re: Winny creator Kaneko makes new file-sharing software

PostPosted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:00 pm
by battye
Sadly the creator of WinNY, Isamu Kaneko, passed away last month :(
On Wikipedia it says he died after having a heart attack. ... ies-at-42/