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Re: FrostWire

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:51 pm
by p2p-sharing-rules
FrostWire 4.20.3 & 4.20.4 for Mac
Release date: March 4 & March 12, 2010

4.20.4 for Mac – Connectivity Issues fixed
March 12, 2010

If you’re having issues getting Turbo Charged or Getting FrostWire to download the .torrent files on Mac OS Leopard you should download the latest installer 4.20.4, all the connectivity issues should be gone after this update.

- Fixes a bug where files couldn't be dragged out of the Library.
- Fixes a bug where opening a magnet link would freeze the UI while it was being fetched in the DHT.
- Fixes a bug where magnet links that were dropped on FrostWire wouldn't start downloading.
- Fixes a bug on torrent resume
- Installer sizes reduced over 58%

Re: FrostWire

PostPosted: Fri May 14, 2010 8:08 pm
by p2p-sharing-rules
FrostWire “Torrent Joint” v4.20.6 Released
Release date: April 25, 2010

Version 4.20.6 "Torrent Joint" (April 2010)
- Upgrades Azureus Core to version - Thanks to the Vuze/Azureus team for their hard work.

Version 4.20.5 "Torrent Joint" (March, April 2010)
- Fixes audio player issues. Now all MP3s should support skipping and gain control.
- Fixes bug on status bar speed meter. Now BitTorrent uploads speeds are added up and shown correctly in it.
- Fixes High CPU usage bug while loading hostiles ip list.
- Fixes a bug on MacOSX on which FrostWire would only start downloading a .torrent only if FrostWire was already running.
- The FrostWire windows installer will now clean FrostWire Desktop shortcuts if uninstalled.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:42 pm
by p2p-sharing-rules
FrostWire “Torrent Joint” v4.20.7 Released – (Now powered by Vuze Technology)

Version 4.20.7 "Torrent Joint" (July 2010)
- Improves torrent search dramatically.
- Upgrades to protect search results from spam.
- Source packaged (.dsc) for Debian/Ubuntu.

Re: FrostWire

PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:42 am
by p2p-sharing-rules
FrostWire “Torrent Joint” v4.20.9 Released – (Now powered by Vuze Technology)

Version 4.20.9 "Torrent Joint" (August 2010)
- Fixes bug where FrostWire would not try to open exclusively UDP tracked torrents.
- New option -Dultrapeer=1 forces FrostWire to run as Ultrapeer. Only for hackers that build FrostWire.

Version 4.20.8 "Torrent Joint" (August 2010)
- Upgrades search, now powered with results a service
that indexes thousands of legal torrent files. (formerly known as
- New BitTorrent Connection Settings Available.
- New ability to configure the max. number of active torrent downloads.
- New ability to configure the max. number of peers per torrent.
- New ability to configure the max. number of torrent connections.
- New ability to configure the max. number of torrent uploads.
- Fixes torrent auto resume bug.

Re: FrostWire

PostPosted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:02 pm
by p2p-sharing-rules
FrostWire 4.21.1 - 4.21.3
New FrostWire 4.21 series

Frostwire 4.21.3 Dec. 16, 2010
* New "Phones and Tablets" tab. Tools to share files with Android
devices on a Wi-Fi network.
* New debian source packages available.
* Upgrades to HttpFetcher performance. Cleanups and refactors.
* Upgrades java compatibility to Java 6.
* Upgrades Mojito-DHT to the latest version found on the LimeWire
repository. Tune ups.
* Removed dependencies on Linux native libraries. JDIC is no more
for Linux releases.
* Fixes issues when rendering and scrolling torrent search results.

Frostwire 4.21.1 Sept. 22, 2010
* New auto-installer-download support for Windows and Ubuntu.
* Upgrades Azureus Core (bittorrent engine) to version Thanks to the Azureus Team for their hard work and support through the integration.
* New setting pane to allow user to turn off FrostClick promotions.
* Fixes issue with Application Icon. New high resolution icon now in place.

Download links:
FrostWire 4.21.3.Mac.dmg
FrostWire 4.21.3.orig.tar.gz
FrostWire 4.21.3.debian.tar.gz
FrostWire 4.21.3.dsc

Re: FrostWire

PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:28 am
by p2p-sharing-rules
FrostWire 4.21.4
Release Date: March 18, 2011

New setting to turn off automatic installer downloads.
New setting to limit the speed of BitTorrent downloads.
New Galician flag added.
UX improvements when creating new folders on the Phones and Tablets UI.
Fixes bug when dropping files on an Android device that hasn’t been selected.
UX change. FrostWire will now seed torrents that have not been removed from it’s download manager. Completed torrents now will appear as “Completed/Seeding”
UX change. Default save location folder in Windows Vista and Windows7 is now the user’s default “~Downloads/FrostWire” folder.
UX improvements when showing FrostClick overlays. No more flickering.
Overlays are now shown in an animated slideshow. More than 2 artists can now be promoted.
Fixes bug when copying .apk files from Android device to desktop computer.
Fixes bug when saving torrents to it’s default Save location if that folder has been deleted.
Fixes bug on which removed Torrent downloads would reappear.
Updated Mojito DHT integration. Mojito DHT is now active.
Upgraded anti-spam mechanisms.
Removed all remnant code related to LimeWire Store.
Cleanup to use a single logging library.

FrostWire 4.21.5
Release Date: March 21, 2011

Fixes newly introduced bug where it would not recursively share the files in a folder.
Fixes newly introduced bug where it wouldn't correctly display the title of a file on the Playlist.
Fixes issue where it would not kill torrent uploads until the next restart.
Fixes NPE on HttpFetcher.fetch()

Download links
FrostWire 4.21.5 windows.exe
FrostWire 4.21.5 dmg
FrostWire 4.21.5 noarch.tar.gz
FrostWire 4.21.5 all.deb